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WhiteBoiBoff - Salvation (Video)

White BoiBoff is an under-ground artist/rapper coming out of Dublin. He uses music to express the bad and happy times he has been through. His song "Salvation" addresses the constant overthinking and the negative thoughts that we put ourselves through.

.........I ask "Why do I do this to myself ?". I like to show the world that everyone goes through bad times in hopes that they can relate and not be so hard on themselves. My music addresses my battle with mental health, expressing myself through my music is what I love to do. The music video was shot by my friend and I in Stamullen, Co.Meath. We also edited the video. I have also attached a preview to my next song that's due to be released in the coming weeks. This is not official audio or artwork for the song, I only attached the video so you can get a feeling of what I represent.... - White BoiBoff

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