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Tadg Thompson (Thadge) is a producer, songwriter, and engineer that is based in Drogheda, Ireland. On April 9th, 2021, he released his debut EP titled "Lunar Nostalgia: vol. 1". This EP is predominantly "spacey" Hip-Hop that uses Lo-fi production. Listening to this project, there is a constant broody instrumental theme. This theme underlines the project to provide a winter atmosphere. songs like "tides" have a guitar-based instrumental that has that "underwater" feel complimented by the dark vocals echoing in the background. The second track "DND" has a mainstream sound that manages to follow the dark theme of the EP. The Ep is written, produced, and engineered by the artist himself.

The stand out tracks for us here at TheLabTV Ireland are "Moongaze (intro), "DnD" and "Hyacinth (Outro)"

The project is available on all platforms.

Artist Socia Media

Instagram: @tadgthompson

Twitter: @bythadge

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