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Kestine - "Reflection" Concept EP on appreciating the moment.

Kestine releases his debut EP Reflection. The EP, engineered by Outsider Yp, elaborates on the concept of appreciating the moment. Throughout the project Kestine reflects on where his priorities are laid at this current stage in his life. He ponders on the potential glory of being the best Irish and international act as well as appreciating these pivotal moments he has with his aging father and mother. Kestine touches upon the BLM movement and black people in general in the track titled U.N.I.T.Y boldly stating "honestly some of our people are hypocrites, we scream Black Lives Matter yet do we as black people cherish other black people? "Kestine delves further into some of his deepest thoughts through the character of Melanie. Melanie being the representation of women in Kestine's life and their concerns about men and the struggles that they must face on a day-to-day basis. Kestine conclude the project with uncertainty, the pressure to be a worthy man for his other half and being financially stable to take care of her and his family. He worries about his anxiety and the pressure of constantly feeling the need to make them proud. Sonically, Reflection, borrows from Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, and early Kanye West. Having grown up as a member of the choir, Kestine always leans towards natural instrumentals and soulful melodies. This is in sharp display through his delivery and beat selection, creating an atmosphere that marries the soulful instrumentals with futuristic kicks and 808's melting together with the darker lyrical themes of the EP to create a unique sound.

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