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Ireland's newest music festival 'FOR THE CULTURE' announce wave one of acts

Ireland's first-ever Black Irish Music festival FOR THE CULTURE announces the first wave of acts to play this year. Following the announcement of the launch of Irelands first-ever black Irish music festival which focuses on platforming black and mixed-race acts and celebrating community, culture and heritage. The festival focuses on representation in the community but is open for all to attend. Aiming to spotlight artists, entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses around the country. For The Culture and its organisers Black and Irish have announced their first wave of acts to perform at the festival set to take place on the 28th of May 2022 at Fairyhouse Racecourse. Wave One includes:

Hare Squead, Sello, Aby Coulibaly, Tebi Rex, Erica Cody, Plantain Papi, Alicia Raye, Andre Fazaz, DJ GEO, DJ SAZ, DJ Dacosta, DJ Safarii. Founded in June 2020 Black & Irish are an organisation set out to highlights and celebrates the identity of black and mixed-race Irish people. Established after the death of George Floyd their mission was to bring the authentic discussion back to Ireland and engage with the wider Irish society by coming together to spread awareness around the world of the experiences, struggles and successes from within the community. Since then they have made an impact within six areas of society which are Education, Business, Politics, Media, Community and Entertainment.

Find out more information about FOR THE CULTURE via:

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