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"FVCK CUDDLE LOVE" - Saul Blake *Official Music Video*

"Fvck Cuddle Love" is a song that meshes slow vibey guitars, energetic vocals and powerful drums. The lyrics tell a story of sex and unexpected love between two people as they spiral through life in a faded state, he speaks of the protagonists fear of falling in love and the delicate state of the relationship. The music video tells a different story depicting Saul in a clinical white environment connected with wires to a digital world. Swapping between scenes and edited to perfection this video is one for the Irish hip hop history books.

Saul Blake has featured songs in many of Ireland’s top blogs and radio stations since his return to music and this song is sure to gain just as much traction as any of his previous works.

‘An artist on the rise’ Saul has been releasing music consistently since early 2020 and the quick progression in his work is obvious when browsing through his catalogue of singles and freestyles. Saul’s seems to blend easily between different styles of rap and singing and it’s clear that he has an unquestionable talent for song writing.

Saul stated, "Fvck Cuddle Love" is a song I’ve been working on for a long time, along with many others, getting it out sort of marks a new era in my music. I’m excited.’ With J22Beatz (Joe O’Flaherty) on the instrumental and mixed by Ninety7Hertz (of RUNOFFBROKE) this song is a great example of professional sounding Irish made music.

After taking a hiatus of a few years to work on his craft, Saul released the single “Socialites” in April of 2020 that marked his return to music. He hopes to bring something fresh to the Irish music scene, with a distinctive approach to creating, storytelling and lyricism.

At The LabTV, we reviewed this song to be fresh and different from the current trend of music. Saul Blake's "Fvck Cuddle Love" is relatable to a young audience but the instrumentals can translate to all audiences. We are eagerly waiting for his future projects as he is clearly a talented artist.

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