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From Dublin to Miami LW6 x CP6 x Dawnz x TheKidOnfroy keep it Snowin'

Get ready for a winter wonderland of sound as Dublin-based duo LW6 X CP6 join forces with fellow Irish rapper Dawnz and Florida's own TheKidOnfroy for their latest hit, "Snowin'." This track is a melting pot of American and Irish rap styles, blending melodic instrumentals and drill and rap vocals, all inspired by the festive season and the progress the artists have made in their careers.

But "Snowin'" wasn't just any ordinary track, it all began with a chance encounter on YouTube where the artists stumbled upon an intriguing beat and began freestyling over it. From there, the song was written and recorded in a series of studio sessions, with TheKidOnfroy even adding his own verse all the way from Florida. The final product was then mixed and mastered in London by a friend of the duo.

If you're a fan of fast-paced rapping and stringy flows, then you'll love LW6, who has often been compared to Central Cee. And if you're into aggressive and energetic delivery, then CP6 is your man, who has been compared to the likes of Skepta and Stormzy. Meanwhile, Dawnz is known for his melodic rhymes and captivating flows in the genres of hip hop and pop rap and TheKidOnfroy creates upbeat rap songs with bouncy instrumentals and experimental sounds.

Snowin’ combines a unique sound to showcase the depth of the four young, rising artists’ ability to make music. The song showcases the four artists’ ebullient chemistry, with Dawnz’s rap and LW6 and CP6’s slick verses. From the get-go, one is taken through a spectrum of sounds, there is a very natural and unique soundscape to the song, which further accentuates the sheer creativity and showmanship of the quartet.

TheKidOnfroy’s ability also shines through with a masterful use of vocal harmonies, and the melodic lines add an extra layer to the track. The four artists’ styles layer and complement each other, with LW6’s layered bars and the other three’s jumps and drops. The track also boasts an abstract yet captivating vocal sample which brings the whole song together. The production of the song and the captivating instrumentals make the track an absolute pleasure to listen to, which furthers the artistic prowess of the four artists.

The song, from start to finish, is super catchy and able to draw listeners in. It’s clear that the group worked together to produce a dynamic piece of music. Taking Irish music to the world, “Snowin’” is a thrilling track that delves into the Christmas season with a range of topics relating to snow and celebration. More than just a holiday song, “Snowin’” also speaks to the progression of the artists in the past years and their hopes and dreams for the future.

With "Snowin'," the artists aim to bring together a diverse audience and showcase their ability to create enjoyable music. So, put on your headphones and get ready to embrace the winter season with the sounds of LW6 X CP6, Dawnz and TheKidOnfroy's latest hit, "Snowin'."

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