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Episode 6 | TheLastPoetZen's Album and Tolu Makay's Album

This was an exciting week as we had 2 albums dropped by our local artists, one in Dublin "Tolu" and another in Cork "Last Poet Zen". We started the podcast by playing one song from each album and also had some general discussion.

(23:14:00) Susan tries to understand why people will post their pictures on social media just for their crush to see it...

(43:32:19) Tkay - Mamacita

(49:10:08) LGtrey - Backseat

Music Review

(1:00:52:06) Pepper - litness

(1:05:59:06) Lowkey Lu - Escape wasteland

(1:09:13:18) Big Don 028 ft Mindsigns & Steve Loc - Juice

(1:16:00:00) TheLastPoetZen 's Album - Nonames

(1:21:46:10) The LastPoetZen - Ciara

(1:24:17:22) TheLastPoetZen - AB vibes Ft. Pharaii Dambisa

(1:30:30:16) Album rating

(1:31:02:23) Tolu's Makay's Album - Being

(1:33:57:03) Tolu - Don't Let go

Closing Music

Jambo - Human condition

TheLastPoetZen - Get Up

AwkwardZ Ft. Suchapapi - Switching sides

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