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Episode 5 | Chaila's Album - Go bravily | Is Drill music Hiphop?

On this Podcast we introduce our final Co host "Susan" and a bit of her background and contributions to the Irish music scene. The main topic for this episode was to raise a question which a lot of people have been asking or wondering,.. "Is Drill Music Hip Hop or does it fall in a separate genre"? We then did Denise Chaila's New Album review and other new music from various artists.

| Opening song (0:00) - 115 by Skripteh

| Music Review from (15:00) - includes music by Versey , Jah1,

| Album Review from (30:00)

| Closing Music from (1:12:03)

- Embers by Uppbeat ft Lawriii Craic, Red The Future

- Day or Night by Coji x Moje

- Get to my Dreams by Lethal Dialect


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