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Enda Gallery releases new single ‘I Want Liberation’

´I Want Liberation` is the second single from Irish songwriter Enda Gallery’s forthcoming ‘LIBERATION EP’, released through his label WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD. It is potently danceable, and Gallery serves us a track which is a welcome relief from the horrible experiences of the past 18 months, absolute in its joyfulness and irresistibly playful. This is a song that unites the body, mind, and heart through the desire of liberation from the severe conditions of our world.

Earlier this year Enda Gallery reached a pivotal point in his career. The singer-songwriter had released his acclaimed debut album ‘The Journey to Zero’ in April 2020 under the name ‘delush’, a pseudonym which allowed him to continue working under his own name as a writer, producer, and co-manager for fellow Irish artists; Tolü Makay, Strange Boy, and Willzee as well as collaborating with other artists across Europe. However, the alias created a personal dichotomy for the songwriter, wherein the artist was essentially separating from the self. With his newest release, Enda Gallery recalibrates and when the chorus hits he soars “I want liberation for myself, are you with me? I want liberation for you too, can you feel me?”. Like much of his work, it’s poignant and powerful but welcoming as well. We have had to face the worst of our minds throughout these stressful times. Our bodies have been kept inside, isolated from the human touch that we need and love, witnessing so much horror, within our own lives and in the news and media. The partnership of existence and humanity has been called into question and on ‘I Want Liberation’, Enda Gallery seeks to find a kind of clarity that aligns the guilt and shame that feeds off our personal desires in grueling time like these, with those same experiences which shape us and subsequently unshackle us. It is a familiar message for the songwriter who is not afraid to grapple with the spiritual concerns of our world, and his newest single is a step into the muddy waters of personal emancipation. ‘I Want Liberation’ is out now,

Buy/Stream “I Want Liberation”:

When Enda Gallery released his debut album ‘The Journey to Zero’ in April 2020 under his old name delush, the Irish artist had already collaborated with the likes of Kid Simius, Dead Rabbit, Nobody’s Face and written/produced for Tolü Makay, Willzee and Strange Boy. His history of producing and enabling these unconventional artists across many genres have gifted him the capability to thoughtfully mix his skills, self-determination and empathy with the mastery of his own presence inside of a song.

For 8 years Enda Gallery has lived in Berlin, a city which is itself a character within his songs. Berlin has inspired feelings of spiritual, sexual, creative and political salvation for the Irish artist and through friends and soul mates, who now share the same journey, he has emerged in a state of pure inspiration - unshackled from expectations of the future and traumas of the past.

Enda Gallery is an artist with a real purpose, and that is to create beautiful and liberating art. He takes influence from genre defying artists such as Frank Ocean and Prince - mixed with the deep sincerity of songwriters like Sufjan Stevens, Alicia Keys and even Freddie Mercury. His fresh sense of creative deliverance provides some of the truest realisations and experiences in his songs. Beyond the purpose of Enda Gallery’s craft are his goals as an artist. To create deep, innovative and meaningful music as well as images, films and messages that connect with as many people around the world as possible. To in turn create an inspiring world.

Live Dates

March 2022 – USA tour with ‘Ireland In Music’ (Hothouse Flowers, Tolü Makay, Strange Bo

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