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"Early Hours" - Ugolina *Audio*

Arising from compassion for struggling Irish youth, ‘Early Hours’ reveals a piece of the puzzle that makes up new Alternative Hip Hop artist, Ugolino. The lyrics paint a grim picture of the morning after a night out, highlighting what hopelessness and impulsive behaviour can lead to. Taking a first-person perspective, the song tackles issues surrounding substance abuse, mental health and relationships. The beautiful guest vocals of Leah Tiernan (a.k.a. GRWL), urge the character to “hold on”.

Combining a jazz-infused instrumental with gritty spoken word vocals, this single defines a sound that is both unique and deeply authentic. Early Hours is the first of three singles set to be released in the lead up to a debut EP, which will see Ugolino established as one of Ireland’s pioneering artists. The collaboration of an experienced vocalist and a born and bred composer has led to something truly special.

Lyricist and vocalist, Shane Richardson, has been writing poetry and short stories for as long as he can remember. Heavily inspired by Irish poetry, he finds inspiration in the melancholic realism of authors such as Seamus Heaney. Other inspirations are broad and varied, including writers such as American poet Mary Oliver and cult hero / poet Charles Bukowski. Having previously released several solo projects, Shane’s music has been featured in blogs such as District Magazine and Golden Plec, played on radio stations such as Spin1038 and 98FM, and added to The New Eire Spotify editorial playlist. Shane has chosen to remove all of his previous releases from streaming platforms, to set the stage for this new project.

“With Early Hours, I wanted to show the bleakness of what the acceptable - and practically encouraged -session culture is like in this country. Things are tough for young adults, there’s not much to do other than drink and stay up till the birds are chirping. But in the morning you’re left feeling empty; it’s a feeling I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with. Early Hours highlights the truth of how it all can impact your mental health and your relationships, with a no frills attitude.” - said Ugolino

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