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Drill Music Brief

Drill Music

Considered as a Sub Genre or "The child of hip hop"

The origins of Drill can be traced back to 2010 to the States, but roughly around 2012 is when drill music rose to prominence and started making waves in mainstream music in the city of Chicago. Big contributors to Drill Music excelling were artists the likes of Young Chop,Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil Reese and numerous others. Following their successes major labels started signing & investing capitol into the promotion of the Sub-Genre.

In the UK, drill took off in 2012, Grime Music has often been labeled as the influence for many drill artists with some referring to the music as "New Grime". The roots of its success can be pin pointed to South London in particular.

Drill Music has often been & continues to be subject of much scrutiny and has drawn negative attention from the police & public officials. It has often been criticized for "Encouraging crime & violent behaviour".

In June 2018, in what was described as a "legally unprecedented move", members of UK drill group 1011 were prohibited by a court order from mentioning injury or death in their music & banned from marketing postcodes in a "Gang Context", the order also required them to notify the police within 24-48 hours of release of a new music video & provide notice of recording location, which gave the police the right to attend and observe the scene.

This however has not slowed down the rise in popularity of the Sub-Genre, The success of drill in the States & UK also influenced the rise in popularity in many other countries such as Australia, Holland, Spain & Ireland.

Drill can be identified by few specifics, Some examples are

>The beat style (typically a slower beat)

>The Lingo

>The dances

As well as, much more frequent use of terms such as gangs & drugs in a vivid context.

Irish drill artists have also excelled in recent years with Athlone & Dublin being considered as two hubs for Irish Drill. Although often criticized for adopting UK slang & accents, many Irish drill artists have reached unprecedented attention, views & streams.

The Godfather title of the sub-genre in the country is held by INK, who contrary to popular opinion believes that authenticity is what some artists lack. Ink has never shied away from the fact he is Irish & this is also very evident on his tracks where his Dublin accent stands out vividly.

He has gained many fans as a result of his authenticity & has numerous tracks which have gone viral & surpassed a million views on Youtube.

Ciaran Inkredible AKA Ink is arguably the biggest & one of the forefathers of Irish Drill. He was born in 1986 which is also the "set" he is often heard mentioning in his lyrics as 86 Gang. His Music tells stories of the grim & dark reality of growing up in Ireland and the realities of everyday street and gang life around the country. His lyrics and music videos also paint a clear picture of the realities of gangland Ireland.

Some Of INKs Famous work includes (see attached links)

86 BOP

Bad Intentions

The Godfather


Other Irish Drill Artists to look out for



Jug Jug



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