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The Labtv Ireland Podcast Ep2 | Billy GRC Interview | My Record Label experience | Own your Masters,

Billy GRC is a music producer and a Dj based in Cork City. He is now known in Ireland as the man behind the new sound and club records by Minnie Marley. On this episode he talks about his first encounter with record labels when he was back home in Venezuela and the problems he went through with the label and other things. He also talks about the mistakes "he" and other artists make when they get signed and what artists need to know about record labels and contracts. At (27:00) he talks about how he met Jay Ronic and Minnie Marley. Artists knowing the music Business and owning their masters (32:00). Making Tik Tok song (52:00). Accents (1:13:00) ..Irish media (1:15:35) | Kestine - Tale of a Black Irish (1:24:00) | Sarloos - Everything (1:26:50) | Huggie B3ar x Wale Quietly x Lumo D - ROAD (1:30:00)

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