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Versey Feat. Pop Dogg & Michele Feeney - I Can't Breathe (Official Music Video)

Irish rapper Versey pens a very touchy and well needed song inspired by the constant police brutality happening in America on a daily basis and racism happening in America and around the world. The Ballybrack rapper explains his frustrations about these injustice and brutal murders taking place today at a time when people should be more educated and aware enough to act right.

When we asked Versey on his collaboration choice he explained how they all came about especially with Pop dogg. Versey went on to say that he was contacted by Pop Dogg's camp for a collaboration on Pop's album. After that collaboration l assume the boys had developed a connection, and when Versey put out that he was looking for someone to jump on his new track, Pop dogg reached out. Michele is undeniably talented so it was only right she jumped on the chorus and the rest was history.


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