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Trigger Feat. The Outlawz - Above The Clouds (Official Music Video)

Since opening for The Outlaws in Dublin, Trigger and the Outlawz developed a friendship with has resulted in them working together on several tracks. "Above the Cloud" comes right after another collaboration called "Purpose" which feature the Outlawz and Aktual. The majority of this music video was shot in the Bulldog Coffee Shop and the rest was shot in Amsterdam through the canals of the city on their private Yacht - they accommodated them and everything at their disposal was free of charge.

The instrumental beat was produced by An Buachaill Dana and the live electric guitar was played by Patrick Hendrick and Jambo O'rourke.

It was then recorded mixed and mastered by Garry Mac Cárthaigh in the Kabin studio Knocknaheeney.

Music video shot edited and produced by 1Snap Photography.

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