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Kestine - Love Me (Official Music Video)

Kestine releases his first music video of the year for his single Love Me. The music video, directed by Outsider Yp, elaborates on the concept of the song by Displaying the fragmented and disordered mind of Kestine. It also tells the tale of how he’s current perception and understanding of love may potentially lead to a path of loneliness.

When asked about the single, Kestine stated:

"Love is complicated , peaceful yet chaotic. Love according to John 3:16 is sacrifice. The love of others regarding one self is sometimes hard to understand, when all we see is the bad and ugly. "Love me" is not a statement but a question, asking my loved ones how they can love my imperfections? how can God love me the epitome of unworthy, how can my mother and father provide love that i feel is undeserving. How can my friends and significant other truly love me when i lack the ability to do so myself. A constant torture of feeling unworthy that drives me to insanity.”

With many more music videos and singles planned for the year,

Kestine hopes to release more content that portrays and explores some of his deepest and darkest thoughts.

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