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Stevie G "Radio presenter / Dj" Talks | What local Irish artists need to do | Aldi Rihanna

Stevie G is a DJ from Cork City in Ireland. He has been djing regularly all over the country and beyond for 20 years now and is known for helping expose a lot of people to hip-hop, soul, r&b, dancehall and jazz. His long term residencies in such nightclubs as Sir Henrys, the Savoy, The Kitchen, RiRa, the Pavilion and the Pod were very legendary, and he still spins weekly in all over Ireland and appears regularly at most of the big Irish music festivals. He runs Soul Jamz records with Ian Ring and they also produce music together as aboveDat. Stevie also runs the Jam and Taboo club nights and he set up the now international Vinyl love brand which runs nights in Ireland and elsewhere. He has two weekly shows on Corks RedFM plus he hosts the long term award winning Black on Red show. He is currently working with dancer Andrea Williams and her Hot Sauce group on a number of projects combining afro & jamaican dance moves with music and they do shows, classes, workshops and all of the big festivals in Ireland.

aboveDat - Better (Official Video)

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