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Chris Kabs - See you here ( Official Music Video )

Chris Kabs is an influential Irish based recording artist and music producer from Dublin.

As one of the most prominent producers in today's Irish music scene, Chris has worked with artists such as Jyellowl, Tebirex, Tolu Makay and Aaron J Hart to name but a few. His ability to tap into current market trends across genres such as Pop , Soul Urban , Afro, Trap , Reggae and Contemporary R&B really makes Chris Kabs akin to Ireland's very own Timbaland.

Following the successful placement of his produced song "Ozone" performed by Jyellowl on Fifa 2020, Chris believes 2020 is the year that he begins to establish his own sound and build on the success he has garnered for others.

Chris has released the debut single “See you Here” on November 1st from his upcoming Studio album and now is ready to unveil the visual to accompany the release. The visual just like the song represents for Chris the constant uphill battle that the music industry has to offer and equally the feeling of arriving at the top of the hill when Chris will summarise as "when you believe you are doing what you love and you are successful at doing that, then you have made it" and goes on to ask the question, How will they feel when they "See You Here"

The sound in his music comes down to him creating the natural rhythms , beats and music flow which feature heavily in his unique sound. The dedication and passion for his music have driven him to create some amazing pieces of work for any type of audience. This strategy allowed him to build his multicultural fan base.

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