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Chris Kabs - Space (Lab Throwback #LT)

🙌Microwave Stopper🙌

Having taken the time to listen to Chris Kabs body of working as well as keeping up to date with this personality he is definitely one of a kind of his craft in the Country.

I feel the effort, dedication, creativity, the genius, vision, intelligence and absolutely hard work he puts into composing whatever project he is working on is completely out of character & class to an average "Top Artist"

I Decided to choose SPACE as this weeks Lab Throwback

(although it was released in 2017 it is one of my Favourite Tracks 😁😁Selfish I Know ) 😁🔥

I Feel it was a change of style, something different or something he had missed, which is also amazingly depicted in the visuals🔥🔥

Qoute From King Kabs

"Most of time it's when I play piano or just listen to some random music and it kinda gives me ideas, but also most of my lyrics are based on my own life experiences and also the people around me."

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