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Discussion Volumes in The works

New Feature To Start on The Lab Tv Ireland Youtube Page. The Aim & Goal Of this project being to Add More Fan Friendly Visual Content on monthly bases on Such things as

*State Of Irish Hip Hop/Rap/Other Genres, Releases/Etc....

*Reflect on Headlines of the past month & News which usually would not make ANY of the headlines

*Update the Irish Music Fans by Relevant Debuts/Reviews/Milestone Recaps/etc...

* There will be featured Guests From Time To Time (Depending On the discussion of the episode at hand)

& Many More Topics

(ADVICE/SUGGESTION) We Will Also Be taking Questions from our Listeners/Viewers/Followers throughout the episodes so make sure to get your questions in at either of the following Social Media Networks or Email Listed Below.

(Personal Suggestion)

Official The Lab Tv Ireland Facebook Page

Click Here

Official The Lab Tv Ireland Youtube Page

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Official The Lab Tv Ireland Instagram Page

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Email us at

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