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Versatile Ft. Coolio - Escape Wagon (Official Music Video)

Versatile are a rap group composed of rappers Eskimo Supreme (the long, angular brown one) and Casper Walsh (the large mouthed, gammy commander blonde) as well as their music maker, Evan Kennedy (the misunderstood genius).

Expressing the madness they contracted from inhaling the salt saturated air of Ringsend, Dublin their songs flip from sharp commentaries to colourful narratives of what they see happening around them on a daily basis.

Whilst staying true to a more traditional hip hop form in their earlier releases (with songs such as the G-Funk tribute “Dublin City Gs” and “Who Robbed The Hash From The Gaff”) in the past few years Versatile have moved into a more dance-ey era of releases with tracks like “Ketamine” and “Prefontaine” pushing the boundaries of their style and bringing their following on a safari of the new sounds and styles of Versatile.

Versatile are as well known for their outrageous music videos which they produce and direct themselves to an ever advancing standard. Each video is created with a distinctive OUTBURST PAL style derived from the scenes they hear in each song. These range from a pink hummer party in Prefontaine, to the dark scenes of an excessive afterparty in Ketmaine and all the way to the gothic grounds of Lost & Found.

Weaseling around traditional routes of coming up in the music industry, Versatile have remained completely independent and retained full ownership of OUTBURST PAL. What have they done? Versatile first performed in May 2017 at a sold out show in The Grand Social, Dublin. On arrival to the scene they quickly became one of the most in demand artists in Ireland; that summer they played an eclectic mix of festivals including Life Festival, Beatyard and Electric Picnic. Each show was a raging success with audiences pasted to another to catch a glimpse of the madmen of Versatile. In January 2018 they set out on their first Irish tour crossing the country to play sold out venues. That summer they returned to Life Festival to play the headline set on the Friday, followed by slots at SeaSessions, Longitude and Electric Picnic. Each of these festivals demonstrated something special; the growth of Versatile to a headline act at Life Festival, the ability to draw crowds away from international artists at Longitude, and the mass appeal of the group at Electric Picnic where they performed to over 14,000 people at the Electric Arena. During this same time they sold out their 2018 headline show in The Olympia Theatre in under one hour. Versatile are Ireland’s most popular homegrown rap group in history. Fresh from their sold out show in The Marquee in Cork (which sold out in under one hour) and their wildly attended main stage play at Longitude Festival, they now announce with pride, the largest ever show of an Irish rap group to date. “..What you can see, in a show like this, is that they have become much more musically sophisticated. They know how to work an audience, in a way that very few outfits do. Versatile steal the show on Friday at Longitude. It won’t be long before Casper and Eskimo are headlining the biggest festivals in Ireland – and hopefully across the world too.” - Hotpress “Their live performances are not for the faint-hearted, nor are their songs in general, but as the Dublin rap duo continue on their path towards being amongst the most influential rap artists Ireland has ever produced, the opportunity to see them live becomes more and more difficult to turn up.” – “I love Versatile, and how they keep the accent. Their lyrics sound hot as hell and original because they keep the accent.” – Coolio

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