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Chris Kabs Full Interview with The Labtv Ireland | Irish Artist | Irish Producer

The Dublin recording artist/producer "Chris Kabs" was headlining a show in Dublin at "The Workmans" and we decided to pay him a visit to sit and chat with the Dublin artist. Amazing guy with a passion for his craft, l would say we learnt a lot from talking to him and had fun at the show.

Chris Kabs is a dynamic artist and music producer able to delve into Pop , Soul , Reggae & contemporary R&B sound, a producer and artist. The twist in his music comes down to him producing natural rhythms and music flow. A new genre and voice that expresses music to move people’s emotions…

Certainly one of the country's artists to watch out for....

Chris Kabs - Temo ( Extended Version ) Live in TheSoundHouse

Chris Kabs - Work it out ( OFFICIAL VIDEO )

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