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All My Mistakes-Olympio NEW SINGLE

Olympio-All My Mistakes

021"s Very Own, Of Course Im Going To Stop That Microwave & Drop Whatever I Was Doin 2 Break This Down For Yall & Give You My Perspective*🍿🍿🍿

First Off Sll I Would Like To Start Of By Saying Big Shoutout & LOVE TO OLYMPIO for This One!

What a Positive VIBIN Track!

Also Gotta Love The Uniqueness From The Guy Himself 🔥🔥

Usually I Would Always Have a Segment Where I Break Down The Bars & The Memorable One Liners & Qoutables But This Is Not Drill, Nor Trap Its Hip Hop & Its 021"s Very Own Olympio.🙏🙌

This Guy Is So Talented & Humble It Amazes Me & His Positive Outlook On Life Is Definetly Inspiring To Say The Least. Its Evident & Anoyone Can Tell Simply Through The Content He Releases Through His Social Media & Music Platforms, Weather Its A Positive Qoute On His IG Story Or a Dope ABSOLTULY DOPE Track Like This Either Way The Man Stays Winning. 🍾🙌❤

I Dont Know Why But His Flow Reminds Me So Much Of Big Sean! 🔥🔥🔥


Full Name Raphael Olympio monotonously known as Olympio is an alternative Hip Hop recording artist, song writer record producer and youth ambassador. He uses songwriting as a way express himself and showcases a positive outlook on life. Currently studying occupational therapy and working as a national youth ambassador for the YMCA, Olympio looks to the youth for inspiration. On Top Of All That He Has 🔥🔥🔥 Moozik!

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