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Irish Weather-Jay Ronic OFFICIAL Video

This Track Is An Absolute Microwave Stopper!

After Countless Parodies/Memes/ Irish Weather Challenges The OFFICIAL video Is Here!

Ronic Repping the 021 To The Fullest!

The Track Dropped Less Then 48 Hours Ago & Has Already Racked Up An Impressive 10k views!

This Man Is An All Round Entertainer, Musician & Unique, Not To Mention Hella Funny


This talented artist is based in The 021 (Cork), Ireland, where he works hard on his musical craft constantly raising the bar For his material & forcing the competition to step up also.

Jay’s lyrical flow is melodic and rhythmic with infectious choruses and clever punchlines taking his hip-hop inspired sound to new heights.

This artist is not afraid to switch it up with his music, experimenting with different genres and breaking all the rules on musical industry.

His Instagram Also Provides All Types Of entertainment on daily bases, from funny parodies to Freestyles & original Content.


My Memorable & Qoutables

The Chorus Is Something Else 👏🙌🔥

They Talk About Country

Like Young Boy Dont Get Defensive

The Opps Wana Pull Up & Chat

His Bloody Air Force Got Left In Peckham

(All The Way In Peckham Bro 😁😁😁🔥)

Give me Cheese, Not Cheddar

BI POLAR Like Irish Weather 🔥💯🌞❄

You & I Have A Dream We Are Both Chasing


Jumping On Me Like Jamaicans,

Big Dick They Couldnt Take it

Just Give Them Bitches Tea Like Kermit The Frog!


Jumping On Me Like Jamaicans


No Scar? 😂😂😂

The Long Wait For The Video Is Over So Make Sure To Check, Follow & Share!

There Will Be a Proper Video Reaction Breakdown Of The "Irish Weather" Track So Make Sure To Stay Tuned For Upcoming Events With Lab TV.

Get Your Questions Ready As Jay Will Also Be Taking Live Q & A

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