Jah1-Harsh Emotions (Bio)

June 30, 2019

I Came Across Jah"s Music After Listening To Other Dublin Artists, Soon As I Heard His First Track "Harsh Emotions" I Knew Straight Away He Had Bags Of Potential/Charisma/Bars & I Personally Believe He Has The Potential To Establish Himself"s As One Of The Top Spitters In Ireland. PERIOD





Il Leave You Drained Like Im Changing immersion"s

Keepin It 💯 Down To The Roots!

Sick Bar!


I Could Write A Book & Call It Broke 🔥😂


Might Come & Grab The Cali That You Got 😉😂🙌


Ive Been Known On The Streets For My Vigorous Speech & Little Scams 

Kept The Head Down Cuz The Bacon Too Quick To Put The Cuffs Up On Your Hands 

Parked Around The Corner 

Just Waiting, To Come Along & Fuck Up Your Plans

Bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


These Young Bloods Think They So Tough They Own The Streets 💯💯🙌🔥


Others Get Nicked & Released Quick Like Dopamine 🙌💯🔥


So Many Real Life Bars.....Real Shit....Real Bars.......




Jah who is From dun Laoghaire,South Co Dublin Has Been Writing For The Past 10/11 years,  Basically grew up on hip hop. He Relates to the likes of Eminem for Influence,  growing up with the family problems he was going through at the time. 

He Then Moved Onto Working With Who I would consider OG"S of the Irish Rap Scene, class heads Costello, Dialect etc.

Jah Dropped His First single entitled "Jazzy Belle" on November 26th on His Birthday. It Is Available On Most Platforms & I will Leave a Link Below.


Following up from "Jazzy Belle" He has released 3 more singles


1. Harsh Emotions ( Current) 

2. 2Zoned

3. Byro 


There is also an EP called "Fresh Fruit" which is Available on Spotify & all streaming platforms


For everyone who likes freestyles & random 16/32 bars I have often come across that on Jah"s IG Story so make sure to give him a follow to keep up to date with his upcoming Gigs, music releases etc.


After Discussions also expect a sit down interview with Jah & Lab Tv. More On That.Stay Tuned

I Will Let Everyone Know Where The Can Start Sending In Questions For Jah Once We Announce The Date For The Interview.


Follow Jah @








Spotify- Jah1





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