If You Havent Been Living Under a Rock For The Past Week You Should Already SHnoooo The Beef Brewing Between 021"s Jay Ronic & Ama Who Is Based In Dublin.

Jay Ronic Has Just Dropped His 2nd Diss

Jay Ronic- Spanking AM Second Diss But This Is The First Actual Track... So With That Said Someone Stop That MoFuckin Microwave & Lets Disect This Shizz 👨‍🍳

As Usual Im Gona Break The Bars Down For Yall & Pick Out My Personal Favorites & Qoutables From The Track. (There Could Be 1, Or 20 , All Depends If The Track Is 🔥 or ❄)

I Personally Think The Duppy Freestyle Track By Drake & That Instrumental Has Been Recyceled a Lot, Just My Advice For Other Artists In The Future, But Ye Do Ye! ❤🙌

Great Way To Start The Track By Ronic

This Dumb Nigga Singin??😂😂😂

100 Likes Before The Rappin! Facts 😂😂

Your Friends Told You "You Was Good" & You Believed In The Hype 🔥🔥🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️👏

Really Nice Flow Throughout The Track By Ronic! Taking His Time When He Needs To But Also Coming In Loud & Aggressive Throughout The Track! 🌊🔥👏

Your A Bitch & Id Say That Straight To Your Face 😂😂😂😂😂 TALK TO THAT MAN! 😂

How You Comin 8th In a 2 Man Race 🔥😂😂😂

Bruh Why Your Manager Leave You Behind Ama? 🧐🧐

Il But This Bitch Nigga Down Like An Old Elephant

That Is a Meeeeeeaaan Bar 🔥🔥

I Like Ronics Message Come With Bars Thats All Should Matter!

I Think Ronic Is up 2-0, This is In No Way Biased,

I Just Think The Content He Released Has Been Way More Creative, Whitty & This Track Obv I Just Broke It Down & I checked Amas Diss Too & TBH Personally I Didnt Find Anything Of Significant Relevance In His Lyrics.

Ronic Also Released His Material In a Very Short Amount Of Space, INSTANTLY really 🔥🔥🙌

Respect The Hussle

I personally Think Ronic Doesnt Need To Release Anything Anymore, UNLESS!

aMa Comes Back With Something 🔥 Within Lets Say 48 Hours TOPS!

If Anyone Wants To debate The battle Im Down for that too, what yall think Who has it???

Shout Out To Both Artists.Great Entertainment For The scene ❤

First Ronic & Ama Diss

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