Skymontaine VS Evans Junior Round 1! (WHO WON ROUND 1)??

May 5, 2019

                                                ⭐️ Yet Another Microwave Stopper!⭐️

Must Say This Beef has been so entertaining to listen to and brought a breath of fresh air,so big shout out to both artists 🙌🙌🙌

🔥🔥🔥 Sampling Of Beats By Both Using The Classics


Charged Up- Drake 🦉🔋

Duppy Freestyle - Drake

🦉 Story Of OJ- Jay Z 💎🙌


I’ve decided to judge round 1 so Lets Get It!






♦️Quotable’s From Skymontaine 💎

Skymontaine Comes Out The Gate Swinging! 👊 I thought the “Captain America is going to embarrass you” line was Dope 🔥😂


“You let a immigrant in yo city come take yo spot 😂😂 Why you mad someone else ran up on your block??”Sheeesh 🔥🔥🤦‍♂️


Throughout the freestyle he mentions his destain for Evans Jnr”s Music and His Standing On The Dublin Rap Scene!💎


“You change energy I change cadence” Thought that was dope 🔥


♦️Evans Junior Memorable’s and Quotable’s


Great Flow on the Duppy Beat By Evans Jnr 🔥

“This shit a marathon what you know about mileage” Talking to that man 🤦‍♂️🔥


“Coming to a city where my niggas bearly made it” Facts! Big Up The 01!🔥


“What The Fuck Captain America Doing In Ireland?” 🔥 Rebuttal....


Both Artist Came With 🔥 material although there was a bit of filler in both, but that is to be expect with the amount of time between the release of the freestyle & the diss track.I feel Evans Junior took round 1 By a very close margin,this definitely wasn’t a body! The reason I give it to Evans Junior is :


1. I feel opposed to Skymontaine who came with a 🔥 freestyle, Jnr Was Actually Talking To This Man On the Diss. Talking To His “Soul” 🙏😂


2. His response was very very quick 🕰 & it wasn’t all filler he definitely had memorable punchlines and quotable lines.


3. He took direct shots and replied to skymontaine”s disses,

🔥Rebuttal skills & great structuring of punchlines and whitty shots.


There are advantages and disadvantages to going second


Disadvantage-You are under pressure to respond & respond quickly, especially when direct shots are being taking at you so that creates pressure which makes the fact he responded within 24 Hours & had a 🔥 rebuttal is even doper! Huge Points For That.


Advantage - You have rebuttal material and if you are witty which Junior was then it comes off 🔥, also last impression is in most cases memorable. Although Skymontaine has released another freestyle but we’l get into that in the next Blog.

Who Did Y’all think Took Round 1 and Why, Open To Constructive Debates!

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