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Welcome To The Family IKA! (New Lab Tv Ireland Editor/personality )

As The Lab Tv continues to grow we are always on the look to expand and try move levels.Your Beloveth crew here has been the means of support to the music culture & talent in the industry.Not only in the 021 District,but also nationwide.

We are delighted to announce Ika will be joining us as a long desired editor. He will review and give his take on the state of the culture and current events locally. Ika brings a wealth of experience being a hardcore follower of the industry,knowledge of rap, hip hop, RnB and other genres, understanding the musical aspect of Rap and mainly the number one reason is for the LOVE.This makes everyone at LAB TV excited and optimistic to have him on our team, reconnecting old bonds. Follow the innovators, Not the Imitators Instagram - ika006 / krocentertainment Snapchat- ika_008 Spotify- ika_tmt Email- GDP - "Get Dat Papah"/"Grease Dat Palm"

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