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Dubzeno - Know Your Place (Official Music Video) Finglas Freestyle

'Dubzeno is a young talented Irish Hip Hop song writer and rapper from North Inner City Dublin, Finglas. He got his inspiration to pursue music after being in the UK and listening to artist like Giggs, Delvin and Skepta etc. & realising he has the potential to achieve greatness in the music industry. He came to the scene with an energy and flow that is unmatched, telling stories of his real life in his raps which a lot of people can relate to. His debut single “Know Your Place” has reached over 20k views within less than a month of release and his follow up single “My Story” is already clocking up thousands of views just three days after release. Dubzeno is one of many upcoming artist from Dublin,Ireland and is already lined up to many interviews, shows, bookings and feature request ahead of 2019.'

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