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Gerry D - The Tragedy Of Suicide

Hey guys! My name is Gerry Doyle (Gerry D Music) And I’m a Spoken Word Artist Living in Cork City. As an Artist I write about Real Life issues and how my faith plays a massive part in the journey. For me, being able to put myself into a room and write with the Honesty and Transparency is incredibly therapeutic but being able to take what I’ve written and perform it to a live crowd is my highlight.

I’m aware that some people can be confused when they think of Spoken Word there not sure what it really is, so I aim to with the use of visuals tell my journey through life by clever wordplay. This Spoken Word Piece “The Tragedy Of Suicide” was unfortunately inspired by the raw reality of witnessing my friend commit suicide and 3 other close friends being successful in their attempt the end their battle. I wrote it December 26th 2017 and recorded the video in January 2018, during the creation of this video my vision was clear “The powerfully display the message of suicide but how the message of hope is right there in the midst of life’s toughest battles”. The guy who recorded this video is Phillip Simango (@kxngdomvisuals).

My long term plan is to bring my vision of “Hope Is To Life” to reality through high quality videos, content, Merch, blogs and a yearly tour where I would perform fresh material every time! The reality of the transforming power of the Gospel met me at my darkest moment so I want to use Spoken Word to communicate the message that saved my soul to as many people as possible.

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube at “Gerry D Music”

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