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Kestine - See Me So {Promo} Full Music Video on on the 25th of September

Kestine returns with another stunning video shot by Cupid visuals, this time showcasing an afrobeat-rap infused influence highlighting he’s Nigerian roots and showcasing the wide range of Cork talent from men’s fashion blogger Dapper Sapeur, to stylist Nomad couture. The chorus highlights a vernacular widely used in west Africa “broken or pigeon English” Kestine playfully takes on a character who displays an over affection of alcohol; throughout the video we see the character being the life of the party, and catching the attention of the girl he serenades, the girl playfully responds, massaging the already inflated ego of the character.

The video is a well thought out illustration of the frenzied mind of not only Kestine himself, but perhaps also a much larger audience of Afro/Irish in Ireland who seem to battle with their roots and the new western culture they find themselves in.

Beyond this, he also highlights how women are often treated in night outs, parties and events. How lust can blind the thought process of men and bring out a side that society often wants to keep tucked neatly under the rug.

Kestine uses the song to tell of how the overindulgence in the worldly pleasures of alcohol, sex, and women is not worth the spot in heaven he craves. He was thought and raised to believe as such. In ‘See Me So’ Kestine embodies the urban Afro/Irish answer to Kendrick Lamar’s swimming pool.

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