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L.O.R.D - Barzan (Audio)

My name is Adam, I go under the emcee name L.O.R.D/LORD, L.O.R.D mean's LetOurRevolutionDecide, that is the revolution in all of us, to become more! To fight for what's important and just. I've been rapping about 3 year's and previously dropped a 5 track EP on Bandcamp and youtube, EP was Let Our Revolution Decide. I started off doing online video battles with an indie battle league, and my love for making music has developed from there. I knew nobody coming into this Hiphop Scene and had to learn every aspect and network to gain advice and meet like minded people. I'm from a small town in Northern Ireland called Lurgan, which is known mainly for its park and political troubles. I grew up listening to rock, blues, metal, and early 80's pop music, being a 90's baby it wasn't long until l had heard some rap music, but that was mainly through Rage against the machine and alternative bands, but when the internet came about and the early era of eminem and D12, That changed alot. I could Source my music and began to learn the craft, My latest track is mixed and mastered by Dacota G, who previously worked on Childish Gambino's this is America. I'm very much new to this scene but not to music, Im a conscious rapper, but sometimes i just don't give a fuck and say things because l want to or it's funny. I appreciate anytime and effort given to shine some light on me!! Thank you! Hope to develop are relationship through music.

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