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Olympío to perform with a "Live Band" on the 6th of July at the An Spailin Fanach, Cork.

Cork City rapper Olympío will be performing live at the Cork's "An Spailpin Fanach". Olympío has confirmed that he will be bringing a band with him on the day. The Outsider Entertainment rapper has been performing around the city for long and this will be his second time performing on the "Local is mint" gig. The rapper has been know for changing his stage name a couple of times, some people may know him as "Outsider Rapha".

Outsider Rapha - Gimme That ft. Yp

"Gimme that" was his first debut music video and single which he released in 2016, the song featured his Outsider Entertainment label colleague "YP". Since then he has followed up with another single which he dropped late last year entitled "Late Night"

Outsider Rapha - Late Night

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