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Irish Rapper TRIGGER to perform Live at the "An Spailpin Fanach" Cork in July.

Cork City Irish rapper Trigger will be performing his latest Album "Double Perspective" and his other hits from his previous projects. The show hosted by The Labtv Ireland will take place on the 6th of July at the "An Spailpin Fanach".

Trigger is one of the most dedicated artist in Ireland, he has worked with a lot of artists around the country and has worked with the famous American rap group "The Outlawz". The Outlawz were 2Pac's close associates who feature in most of the rapper's famous hits. After having "The Outlawz" feature on his album, Trigger flew to USA to shoot the video with them and also ended up featuring in their next project.

Trigger- Purpose (Feat. The Outlawz & Aktual) Official Music Video

Trigger has worked with some of the best Irish artists like Kreo Ghost and Red The Future from the "Flowstate Movement" camp, their song was one of the most recognised tunes in the country.

Trigger - Recognise Official Music Video (Feat. Kreo Ghost & Red the future)

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