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Inlaws and Outlaws Irish Film | Brendan Hayes Full interview

Inlaws & Outlaws is an independent film production that was made with no budget, Just the invaluable commitment of the talented cast , crew and extras who gave their time freely and above all else as professionally as any film company could hope for. Inlaws & Outlaws tells the story of a young couples endeavours to seek the blessing from their parents on their proposed marriage despite coming from two completely different demographics (working class VS Upper class). Meanwhile a substantial amount of cash has gone missing and its owner (a man with a thirst for violence) sends his "best men" to retrieve it using whatever means necessary. Will the cash be returned? Who has the cash? Will the wedding go ahead without incident? All will be revealed when the film gets its very first screening .. Meet the Inlaws and Outlaws film director Brendan Hayes who isa Psychiatric Nurse by profession as he talks to us about the struggles or being an independent film director, writer in Ireland and also the amazing support he got from the people of West Cork. The man has more in-store for Irish films industry and needs our support ....

FILM PREMIERES ON THE 27th OF APRIL in Dunmanway's parkway Hotel.

Inlaws & Outlaws (2017) Official Trailer

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