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Awkward z - Scars *MUST LISTEN*

Alex Potgieter AKA Awkward is a 21 year old rapper from Wexford. He started rapping when he was 16 but only started taking it serious last year. Some of his mainstream inspirations in the music are Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Logic, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert but he also listens to a lot of upcoming artists like Spazzy D and Scotty Valid.

"I want my lyrics to make you feel some type of way, I wanna be remembered for something. I can’t just do a 9-5 and just die without leaving something behind. My plans for music this year is to get my name out, make connections in the Irish hip hop community and hopefully have my very first Spotify single out by the end of this year." - Awkward

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