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Blackfish Collective "Badman | Short Film"

Badman | Short Film

The Alternative creative collective has just launched Pretty Boy Francis's EP and short film. already making waves on the London music and grime scene in particular. They are gearing up to take on there next musical endeavour very soon...

Blackfish Collective is a collective formed in Dublin, with the purpose of encouraging freedom and individuality through creativity. Hailing from a range of different African countries, including Nigeria, Angola and Zimbabwe - many of the group arrived in Ireland as asylum seekers with their families when they were children.

Brought together by a bond of being the 'weird kids'

Blackfish Collective consists of

Caleb Kunle PRNC$$ Pretty Boy Francis Demi Gosh MO-TABS THE VYCE

Blackfish Collective create a versatile range of music, both individually and collectively.

Blackfish Collective - Zobo (Official Music Video)

Following on from the Dublin group’s undisputed victory at the Afropunk Battle of the Bands London 2017 with ‘Zobo’ - and a ‘ferocious’ performance at Afropunk London festival - Blackfish Collective are off to a strong start to 2018 with the release of Pretty Boy Francis's single, ‘Peng Lighty’ and EP North King Street released earlier this month.

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