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Chris Kabs - The untold EP · 2017 *MUST LISTEN*


Irish artist/producer Chris Kabs dropped an amazing EP entitled "The Untold" which contains 8 tracks. Listen to the EP Above..

The multi-talented Dublin artist/producer Chris Kabs did all the beats and mastered the EP himself, he is also the businessman behind Temo universal records.

The Ep is amazing and well structured, from the first opening song "For You" to the last song "Enemies". When listening to it - song after song - it gives you the itch to want more, it consists of mature lyrics and well produced beats.

"FOR YOU" is the opening song on the Ep where Chris tells the people/person who believed in him from the start that everything he does now, he does it for them. He is dedicated to make it and he believes in himself more because of the people who believed in him first. This is an amazing song that most people can relate to and also share or dedicate it to loved ones.

"ENEMIES" is the last track on the Ep, this is one of the most inspiring songs to come from Ireland. The reason why l say this is because this song teaches FORGIVENESS and also WELL WISHES for those who hate you. It takes the bigger person to actually wish the best to those that hate them and pray for them too.

Please let us know what you think of it....

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