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JAY RONIC - RING RING (Official Music Video)

Cork City artist Jay Ronic just dropped his first Music Video under his new label "4 Step Records", the Music video is for the song "RING RING". Ring Ring is the second official music video from Jay Ronic which follows his famous first single "Too Many Mandem (TMMT) " which was released under "Level 8 Productions".

Ireland HipHop/Rap Scene needs artists like Jay Ronic to help balance the game, at the moment there are too many (if not all) rappers in Ireland are conscious rappers. The scene needs music to vibe to, music that can be played in the club and bring the clubs to life.

Local Irish music scene is rapidly growing and is tantamount to finding its sound and breaking through international barriers. With Diverse artists like Jay Ronic in the Irish scene allows artists to play around with different sounds till Ireland gets its own sound that the local fans will love and the international community will recognise as the Irish Sound"...


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