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Irish Rapper Lawriii Craic Drops New EP "24/20"

Lawriii Craic just dropped another EP entitled "24/20" which is another solid body of work. 24/20 follows Lawriiic's "Hello Morning, Hello World", the EP that proved to Irish industry that Lawriii was a special child of Irish Rap and he is here for a reason.

Listen the EP Below...

Its a shame Ireland is still sleeping on this rapper but its a matter of time before the world gets his attention if he continues at this rate.

The Flowstate Movement rapper always send messages through his music, he spits things young people can learn from and this is what makes him even more special to this generation as an artist.

You know we can't sign off without giving you our favourite Tracks on the EP.......(2) No Memories (3) Holy, Holy Gin, (4) Lawriii Facts (5) Echoes (6) MAN!C 4 DA PAN!C .....


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