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Trigger "Double Perspective" Album Review By Jake Edwards

I Jus' finished listening to "Double Perspective" Album by Trigger for the first time there, And I have to say WELL DONE to him, It's Pure Class, Like his first Album It's A solid play from start to finish.

Quality beats By Buachaill, plus the ones by Kreo & Red.

As for the features,

It was my First Time Hearing Harry J, Liked Him, Got Me Wanting To Look Him Up.

As For Myles & Ophelia, 2 Legends Nuff Said There.

And He Got Bubba Back in Studio, Long Overdue Haha.

Plus Jambo, Again Legend Nuff Said.

And Ofcourse B-Wonder, Had To Bring The Legend Back Again, (For his Next Challenge, He Gotta Convince Him To Record A Lil EP Or Something, We Ain't Letting Him Retire.😉)

DJ Jus Me, Doing What He Does Best Ofcourse.

And Having Nichole Desmond On There Too, Remember Listening To Her On YouTube A Few Years Back, Didn't Think She Was Singing Anymore, So That Was A Nice Touch.

Which Only Leaves One More Feature, Hmm Who Could That Be? He Got EDI On A Track!, I Mean They Don't Come More Legendary Than The Outlawz, And It Was Deadly Too. (Off The Top Of My Head, I Can't Think Of A Bigger Feature On A Irish Hip-Hop Track Than That, So That's Big) Plus Who Knows, They May Come Back To Ireland, With Their New Album, And he Could Perform "Soldiers Story" Live...

What Else, Oh Yeah Buachaill On The Harmonica, Nice Lil Throwback There.

And I'll Have To Give It A Another Listen, But There's A Few Verses From The Freestyle Vids You Put On Here A While Back I Think, If I'm Right I'm Glad, Cause I Forgot To Comment On Them, Meant To Tell Ya That They Were Good Enough For Full Songs.

Props To GMC Too On The Mix/Master, Gotta Respect Garry Mac, Keeping The Cork Scene Alive & Inspiring The Next Generation Of Cork Talent.

So All In All, Was It Worth The Wait? Fuck Yeah It Was Bai!!! Even Better Than I Thought It Would Be, So Big Up Yourself Trigger, As Always I Appreciate All The Hard Work, Time, Effort & Money, You Put Into Your Music, Sounds Like It's Been A Hectic Last Few Weeks For Ya There Putting The Final Touches On It, But I Can Tell Ya It Was Worth It..💯

And At The End Of The Day, No Disrespect To Anyone Else, Cause There's A Few People Making Music In Cork, But Let's Face It, Nobody's On Triggers Level, He's Repping Cork City In The Irish Hip-Hop Scene...💯

So Make Sure You Buy The Album, I Mean €10 For 16 Quality Tracks, That's A Feckin' Deal...So Kop It Now.

Don't Forget To Like His FB Page, Sub His YouTube Channel, Share An' All That.

Even If It's Not The Sorta Thing You Usually Listen To, Someone You Know Might Like It, So Be Sure To Spread The Word, Word Of Mouth Is Key In This Game, And All It Takes Is A Few Lil Clicks And Tellin' Your Mate "Hey Check This Out" Simples.

Okay That's Me Done, Rambled On A Bit There Didn't I...😂

I'm Northside Till I Die! ✌😉

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