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Red The Future - Say What You Feel (feat. Juju) Official Music Video

Red the Future is back again with another hit "Say what you feel" featuring the talented singer "Juju". We contacted Red The Future about the song and this is what he had to say......

"basically it's a song about always speaking your mind, I'm a shy person in general, but I grew up around older people & influences and it kinda taught me to be a bit ballsy, one older person in particular who I can't mention taught me a looot of stuff growing up, just how things work, then I seen him suffer badly and just get into a bad situation, I wrote this for him, to remind him what he taught me. I know it's just a song... but I think the energy we put into the track resonates on some deep level with people. It relates to a lot of peoples situations, currently and previously. My aim was just to brighten up his day, let him know someone gives a fuck, and from the feedback lately I reckon it's done exactly what I intended it to do and more" - RED THE FUTURE

Let us know what you think of this new tune....Don't forget to share the video

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