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Roos Demol Talks about "Guitars for People in Direct Provision" (New Project).

"Guitars for people in Direct Provision" was an idea from a Friend of mine, who lives in the Kinsale Road Accommodation centre. He is Norbert nkengurutse from Burundi. Norbert plays guitar, he managed to flee with his guitar although it was slightly damaged. He told me how many other residents had expressed their wish to learn to play guitar, and I started off by just asking for second hand guitars on my own facebook page. I immediately got reaction, and also a woman offering to teach, so I made a group and we have so far collected 6 guitars and a keyboard, with more promised. We also have 3 teachers now. We are starting the lessons in July, and asked for a place in KRAC but we doubt they will give it to us. So we are looking for a space to teach at the moment, and still collecting guitars and other small instruments too.

we have a drop off point at Records and Relics, a shop in Washington Street. Our aim is to collect as many guitars as we can, start off in Kinsale road, then expand to Glen Vera, Glountaune and Millstreet, and if this becomes the movement we think it will become, we will expand across the country. - Roos Demol

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