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In Alone. Insane. Alive, Yp tackles depression and isolation in a conceptual and truthful way. He shows his weaknesses and flaws, openly discussing some of his deepest and darkest scars. By working with the likes of Morph Music's latest signing and electronic producer XCIV, independent French producer Kaff as well as US producer Adelma, Yp highlights his versatility to work comfortably with various different styles of music.

YP's album art cover

Young Phantom successfully constructs a comprehensible and conceptual tape with relatable quotes and a modern production for the current and next generation to enjoy. His vivid paintings and story telling come to life in what must be said is his greatest work so far.

The 21 year old's growth is clear and obvious, his work is no longer overly complicated like his self produced debut Pink Ocean. There is a confidence and certainty in his approach, his lyrics are better presented and his sound more controlled.

Yp held an album launch in UCC at the Glucksman exhibition building, to be honest telling you about this event won't justify the real event, l suggest you look out for the video.

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