Mel Whyte ft. Bokumo - Young God (I Wanna Know)

April 3, 2017


Most of the people knew him as "Kaptain Whyte" but the Dublin artist recently dropped his new single with a new name "Mel Whyte"...We got in contact with him and this is what he had to say....


Mel Whyte is the real me as an artist, cause his ambitious with sound and always tries to find soul in every sound, Kaptain Whyte ( former known as ) has been there as a helping hand and also to help others in the industry but never him self, Mel is the short name from my African back grounds, Mels inspirations comes from Motown music, all the jazz greats, it is, Sam Cooke, Aretha, and the new, usher, the dream, Luther, Kelly, etc, Mel took a long time off music because of personal reasons and couldn't concentrate, then took time to meditate on what he wants /needs and now he is here and he is here to be consistent. The song young god questions the life of a god and don, how it would feel when you've successfully living your life.


"Young God" is a slang term meaning a powerful individual that's successful at what he/she does and is the best it.

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