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Ovie - Get used to it (Official Music Video) "MUST WATCH"

The anticipated music video from the Dublin based R&B singer just dropped after a bit of a wait, and of coarse it never disappointed. Ovie just dropped amazing visuals for his latest single "Get used to it" which already had an audio out on his Soundcloud for some time now. The Dublin based RnB Singer/Songwriter Ovie is also a music video director and his work is incredible, he has done music videos for famous musicians in the music industry today.

"Get used to it" is about someone who keeps messing up in a relationship until the other person gets fed up and breaks up the relationship. Due to the effects of the last relationship the person is scarred and changes into a totally different person....(Good Girl Gone Bad)..

We reached out to Ovie and this is what he had to say ........." I wrote the song through the point of view of my friend who was going through a break up. He messed up his relationship over and over again.. she stayed being a 'Good girl ' but then after the last break up she went rogue and started acting like a completely different person. That sounded like a dope track waiting to happen so l made it happen".......

Guys make sure you give him and us your feedback on the comment section below....tell us what you think...... Share ....Comment...

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