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UPPBEAT - Embers (ft. Lawriii Craic & Red The Future) | "MUST LISTEN"

18 years old rapper "UPPBEAT" drops and amazing single featuring some of the Irish top rappers in the game right now. We reached out to Uppbeat about this tune and how the collaboration came about and this is what he had to say ......

"I am huge fans of both Lawriii and Red and I met them at shows in Waterford and Dublin from there we stayed in contact. When I heard the instrumental from Kreo I just heard Red and Lawriii on it. I'd been planning on features with both of them separately at this time but when we came together we knew this was the one. Interesting thing about this is I usually am not a fan of three artists on one song but I think the fusion of styles on Embers really worked. When we recorded Embers we had all met once previously but there was a deep connection between us all. Since then we have set up a collective called "Flowstate Movement " founded by Kreo Ghost. Look out for the name we have a lot coming! But until then go follow my Spotify where you will find all my music from now on!......"

What an interesting year for Irish HipHop and Uppbeat is definitely contributing along to the industry with this heavy collaboration. If you ain't familiar with the Red and Lawriii, these are one of the top rappers right now - Red The Future's song "Lately" was voted #1 hottest irish tune right now on "The Labtv Ireland Countdown" while Lawriii's came third with his tune "Patients".


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