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JamForest APP founder "Grace Tooher" talks | Music App | Live Gig | + More.

After months of searching for a drummer for her band and faced with a project from college to build an app, Grace came up with a brilliant idea to build an App that will connect all musicians across the country and worldwide.

JamForest’s unique technology creates the perfect solution to connect the unconnected world of musicians. Grace explained that her competitors only allow users to search for one feature at a time, be it musicians nearby or a certain instrument. JamForest covers all aspects a musician considered when looking for someone to collaborate with such as instrument, genre, gender, age and distance.

............ “We are not just creating a platform connecting musicians, we plan on becoming a definitive brand for music and musicians. We are creating a tribe of ‘JamForesters’ and revolutionising how musicians meet, collaborate and grow their music network. JamForest will be a complete renaissance for all musicians from all backgrounds.”........... - Grace Tooher.


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