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TFCLIQUE - Shut Up (Freestyle Video) "MUST WATCH"

TFCLIQUE are an R&B/Pop/Afrobeat music group that consists of two members, Tomiwa

Adegboye(Tommy Tomad) and Sanjo Olajubu. Although a relatively young group, they have been

carving their place on the Irish urban music scene here, with their catchy tracks and soothing


Both originally from Lagos in Nigeria, they moved to Ireland in 2006 and ended up in

Dundalk where they attended the same school and became friends. It was here back in 2009 when

The Future was formed.

Sanjo has been honing his skills for a few years now and used to be a member of a Dublin based

group called Hype Era, Influenced by the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Mi Abaga and

Asa. His style reflects a modern but more easy listening style of rhyming. Tommy Teezy has been

singing and dancing from around the age of 8 and turned his attention more to his singing in the last

few years. Influenced by the styles of R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Omarion and Mali Music, Tommy

Teezy's style is very appealing to most music listeners with his softly sang melodies that scale and

lace the tracks that he graces.

Linking up in school through their similar tastes in music, they formed TFCLIQUE and

immediately started to find their styles and passion complimenting each other as they began to

compose full and solid songs with more ease. Seeing the talent and potential of the upcoming group,

Alan Newman got them on as part of his Blaze nights, a showcase for Irish urban acts and where the

duo performed every second week over a number of months. It was during this time that

TFCLIQUE got their 1st recognition after they came first in their schools talent competition.

Building on their success and making a name for their well crafted and catchy tracks, they were

then asked to be guests on the Dundalk School Talent Show to perform. The group are still

performing live, which is another strong aspect of their talent, getting them gigs in both Dundalk

and Dublin.

TFCLIQUE released their first mixtape , Time Machine in 2011 which was received with positive

feedback due to its level of quality, songwriting and delivery. It features the well known track You

Complete Me, which firmly placed TFCLIQUE on the lips of the nation as a group to watch out for.

The duo went on to releasing two new official singles in 2013 “When she calls me Badoo” and

“Magic” which lead to putting an E.P together for the fans “The WarmUp “ which later got

released in 2016. The duo are now working on their next single which is scheduled to drop later in

the year , TFCLIQUE have arrived and are ready to make their mark...!!!!

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