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David jackson Full Interview with The Labtv Ireland | Spoken Word | Poet

David Jackson started writing in 2004 after being diagnosed with Cancer, after which time he spent three years receiving chemotherapy. During this period of his life he spent a lot of time in isolation where his only sanity tool was writing."...... I found most of my healing in what I wrote and I honestly believe I would not be here and healthy today without it. I now work with the "Power of Words" to help heal through my writing and spoken-word performances..." Today David holds "Creative Expression Workshops" to help develop conscious awareness of our innate abilities and how we use them. He also facilitate "Word Empowerment Sessions" to teach people to heal themselves and become more alive through self-expression and creativity.

".....I hold a B.Sc in Environmental Biotechnology and a M.Sc in Organic Horticulture and I can easily say most of my inspiration comes from the natural world through my own personal studies and practice in Celtic Shamanism and Reiki...."

......If you can’t find peace in words, you’ll find it in the garden. - David

Visit David's website HERE

WATCH - Lightbody Language: Lacking Responsibility - David Jackson( With Lyrics)

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