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Waterford Rapper Drops an amazing Song to shut down 2016... "Red The Future - Lately (ft. Kreo

Keith Murphy AKA "Red The Future" is a 22 year old rapper & producer born & raised in Saint Mullins Co. Carlow. He was heavily influenced by American Hip Hop as a tennager and as he grew so did his love for the craft,...." I started writing with my lifelong friend Tinkicker around the age of 13, from there I developed into songwriting around the age of 17.... He moved to Waterford at the age of 19 to pursue his dream and that's where he met Dewey Daly AKA "KREO GHOST" and that's also where he felt his talents levelled up on a mental & emotional level.

"......I have to credit him as my biggest mentor and influence to date..." Said Red. The rapper also revealed that nowadays he is more influenced by UK music as it seems to relate to him and his life a lot more.

When we asked him about the track "Lately" this is what he had to say...." my latest track "lately" was written in a time of despair when I lost sight of what I was doing this for, that song was like a reminder to myself, a written expression of everything I needed to remind myself why I do this, myself and KREO GHOST sat down wrote the hook and he just smashed it, the emotion & everything else he brought to it just made it a special track, he also produced the beat too..."

Please enjoy the track and don't forget to SHARE AND SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ARTISTS.

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